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We believe that our work is vital, our approach is refreshing and our objectives are obtainable. Established in September 2013 we are still a very young charity with much to learn. Your support is essential if we are to achieve our goals. We are working hard to ensure we are a charitable organisation that delivers excellent quality programmes that are in line with the needs of our beneficiaries. Here are some of the ways we aspire to be a forward thinking charity.

  • All of our programme are run in partnership with our supported schools and high quality arts organisations
  • We hold focus groups to ensure our work is aligned to the needs of the children and the schools.
  • We are working hard to ensure that the work we undertake is rigorously evaluated and monitored and are currently working on a Theory of Change document
  • We have processes and policies in place that ensure we operate within legal guidelines.

If you would like to hear more about Delight please get in touch. You are also very welcome to see our programmes in action throughout the academic year.




Financial support

The work of Delight relies on collective community generosity. A financial donation would make a huge impact to the work we are able to deliver.




Our Partners

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