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Thank you for being at this point on our website and considering supporting our work. Delight is reliant on the generosity of others.
There are many different ways you could support our work, you could simply:

Donate now
A quick and incredibly effective way of making a difference to disadvantaged children’s lives.


Come along to our next event

Join us at one of our events - if we do say so ourselves, we put on a good event! Have a look at our past events to see what we’ve been up to.


Personal Challenge
Take on a personal challenge for Delight. The more people supporting our work the greater difference we will be able to have. If you are planning a personal challenge please tell us and we can support you via our social media and newsletter. You could be the inspiration for many!


You might prefer to volunteer with Delight. We have many opportunities and could always use an extra pair of hands.


Our Partners

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