Our Programmes

Delight in Learning

We work to ensure each child we support has books in their home.  Children receive book vouchers and attend book fairs during the school day and after school with their families.  Books are nominally priced to be accessible to all. 

In 2017, 3,330 children will receive free books and an opportunity to access thousands more.

The books we pass on are pre-loved and excellent quality. We work with primary schools to collect books that children have outgrown. We think it is important for the future generation to understand the power of generosity and how their kindness can impact another child’s life so we put a great deal of energy into thanking children for donating.

Businesses also play a key role in helping Delight collect the large number of books we need. A wide range of businesses run book collections.


Young people aged 14-18 volunteer work with Delight on a weekly basis to collect and sort the donated books. The young people run some of the book fairs and directly pass on the donated books to the children we support. Our Delight Young Volunteer programme supports the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We work with businesses who are interested I offering staff volunteer days. Staff members sort donated books in the morning and run book fairs at our  supported schools in the afternoon.


Delight in Shakespeare

Delight in Shakespeare will reach 800 children aged 9-11 across Surrey in Spring 2017 . In each schools, children in Years 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to watch and participate in an especially adapted 80 minute performance of Romeo and Juliet.

The programme is in partnership with the award winning Guildford Shakespeare Company. the performance will use professional actors and be specifically tailored for its young audience. A narrator will link the scenes and recap the story at key moments, whilst, most importantly, keeping Shakespeare’s original language. Pupils will also be able to take roles within the performance, giving them a rare opportunity to play alongside the professional actors.

The programme runs for  6 weeks. Children Watch a GSC performance, 2 weeks later taking part in a story consolidation workshop followed the week after with a performance preparation workshop. Each school will create a performance assembly for the community to watch.

The programme will underpin work on Romeo and Juliet that teachers are doing in class. Each child will work towards achieving their Discover Arts Award and 4 key children in each class will be tracked before during and after the programme. Working in close partnership with teachers we expect to see an increase in baseline data.


Delight in Watts

Delight in Watts will reach 470 children aged 8-9 in 2017. Each class of children will have an immersive day at Watts Gallery Artist Village, Compton, including an onsite art workshop. They will then have 6 sessions with two professional artists over a four week period to create their own art work that will be exhibited in the gallery at the end of the half term. The children and their families will visit the gallery to have a private viewing of the exhibition and provide the children with the chance to show their parents around the gallery.

The Delight in Watts exhibition will be in the Old Kiln at Watts Gallery and is open to the public. We will update our upcoming events page to keep you informed of exhibition dates.

The programme supports teachers work in class. The visit to Watts galley, the onsite workshop and the exhibition artwork will be linked with each classes topic. Each child will work towards their Discover Arts Award throughout the programme. 4 key children will be tracked before, during and after the programme to monitor the impact of this literacy intervention. Working closely with teachers we hope to see an increase in baseline data.


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