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At Delight we believe that it's our collective responsibility to ensure that all children can engage with learning and fulfil their potential, whatever their socio-economic background.  In Surrey, 10% of children are affected by poverty.

We recognise that some children face barriers to learning that negatively affect their engagement with school, enjoyment in learning, educational attainment, and their personal and social development. Without strong foundations at primary level, children will struggle to overcome such barriers as they progress through school.

That is why we work with schools and professional arts/heritage partners to create and deliver arts-based learning projects that help address challenges such as limited life experiences, low engagement, low self-confidence, and few books and resources at home.

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Reading and writing are essential skills for progressing through life and learning, underpinning how we engage with the world around us. Delight's work helps develop these core skills.

Where there is poverty there is low literacy. 10% of children in Surrey are living in poverty - poverty that deprives them of inspiring and enriching experiences and ultimately strips them of the tools they need to learn successfully.

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