Delight at Home

Joy at receiving a Box of Delight at home.

School closure can be a particularly challenging time for children, especially for those who find school a place of safety and stimulation as well as learning. For some children this has had a negative impact on both mental health and wellbeing.

Many children across the UK lack online access, books of their own or basic resources, all of which are essential for learning at home.

Our Delight at Home projects have been specially created to support children made vulnerable by their specific circumstances – providing practical resources, support and wellbeing activities with proven positive impact.

“I am proud of my work and can not stop staring at my art on the window!!”

Child in receipt of a Box of Delight

A Bag of Delight filled with three books ready to deliver.
Box of Delight content

Bags of Delight

Bags of Delight provides children with few or no books of their own the opportunity to continue to develop their love of reading at home. Each reusable canvas bag is filled with 3 good quality books allowing children to get lost in diverse worlds of imagination and learning. During the Covid-19 school closures, Delight worked in partnership with primary schools to deliver 6,000 books directly to the homes of children who needed them most.

Box of Delight

From the moment the Box of Delight arrives on a child’s doorstep the adventure begins. Each element of the project is designed to have a ‘wow’ factor, as children work step-by-step through 4 art activities. All activities are carefully designed to be child-led with enough materials for a child to repeat activities, or to share the project with siblings or parents/carers.

Exhibition: Swoop – Birds of Delight

The children’s final ‘Box of Delight’ creations – a collection of beautiful, individually decorated 3D birds – assembled in a special celebratory installation, created by Paintbox artist Gina McAdam throughout August 2020 at Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village.

“We have all been amazed at how well organised & equipped the boxes are, everything has been thought about. We have had positive feedback from every single child.”

Teacher, Surrey Primary School

Impact Measurement

Devised as a response to Covid-19 school closures, both Box of Delight and Bags of Delight have had a notable impact on wellbeing, receiving positive feedback from schools, children and parents/carers.

Box of Delight is delivered in partnership with:


Paintbox is a Surrey-based arts organisation that creates enriching art projects for children. Paintbox is committed to an inclusive approach to art which promotes creativity and expression. The artists encourage children to explore new techniques and materials, to experiment with colour, pattern and texture, and to be original and brave in their ideas.

Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village

Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village, situated in Compton, Surrey, delivers the Art for All vision of GF Watts and Mary Watts. George and Mary Watts both believed in the transformative potential of art.

At the heart of their work was the belief that art could transform lives, and they campaigned to widen access to art for people in society with the least access to it. The Art for All ethos continues to be at the heart of Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village.

Bags of Delight was made possible by generous funding from St Faith’s Trust, Walton Charity and book donations from local schools, businesses and individuals. Box of Delight was part-funded by Heathrow Community TrustThe Peter Cundill FoundationGuildford Poyle Charities, Tesco Bags of Help, and the Alex Robert-Miller Foundation, along with in-kind support from Hope EducationMorgan InnovationMasters CNCKelly’s Storage and Typecast Printers. Donations kindly received through our JustGiving campaign went directly towards funding Box of Delight.