Delight in Dance

Delight in Libraries takes children into the magical world of movement storytelling. Delivered by Delight in partnership with professional contemporary dance company Made by Katie Green, Surrey Library Service and selected primary schools Delight in Libraries uses dance and movement as a way of understanding how to build and tell a story. The programme strengthens children’s wellbeing and learning outcomes and encourages participation in dance.

“The overall experience was thrilling, enjoyable and most importantly, extremely interactive.


Beginning with an interactive dance performance of The Book Detectives in their local library the children complete a six-week journey into storytelling through dance and movement. Using their class text and working with professional dancers the children explore the different elements of storytelling, building towards performing their own dance story to their families at the library.

Devised for years 3 and 4, Delight in Libraries helps children engage fully with learning, building resilience and confidence whilst exploring new dance skills. The programme compliments classroom learning and our Delight Arts Award Journal provides a resource for written work to supplement and extend into literacy learning. Delight in Libraries is a great compliment to a variety of reading and writing schemes.

Learning about the magical world of movement storytelling with Made by Katie Green.
Children beginning their six-week journey into storytelling through dance and movement.

 “We are very excited by the energy and enthusiasm that Delight will bring to our libraries.”

Surrey Library Service

Arts Award

Each child receives a bespoke Arts Award Journal designed by Delight to compliment classroom learning. Throughout Delight in Libraries children work towards achieving an Arts Award Discover level accreditation, accredited by Trinity College, London.

Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement is an essential element of Delight’s work and an area we strive for excellence in. During our Delight in Libraries pilot we worked with a class of 26 children. Working closely with the teacher, children, parents and arts partners we gathered data and case studies to help us understand the success of our work on children’s wellbeing, learning and creative development. The data below and impact report are based on one child’s journey through their own eyes, and those of the teacher and the choreographer.

Delight in Libraries

Delight in Libraries is delivered in partnership with:

Made by Katie Green

Made by Katie Green is a contemporary dance company using dance, text and music to respond to places where you would not usually expect to find a dance performance. Their participation work empowers other people to respond to the world around them through movement, to shape their own creative responses.

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