Delight in Reading

1 in every 8 children in receipt of free meals does not own a single book. At Delight we believe that every child should have the opportunity to read books at home and develop a love of reading for pleasure. With help from schools and companies we can make this a reality, each year providing over 3,000 children with books that they choose, take home and most importantly treasure as their own.

"It was really good for my children so we can get more books and read together – thank you."


Reading is an essential life skill underpinning how we engage with the world. Through our Delight in Reading programme we work with companies, schools and individuals to collect pre-owned and new books suitable for children aged 3-11.

Our team of young volunteers and business volunteers work hard to ensure only the best quality books are distributed at our Delight Book Fairs run from school halls with the help of business volunteers and year 6 children.

 "Thank you for coming to our school with your excellent team. The children were delighted with their books."

Head Teacher

Impact Measurement

We listen closely to children to ensure the books we offer at our Delight Book Fairs are the books they want to take home and read. We work with school leaders and parents to monitor if children's engagement with reading for pleasure has changed through owning books.

Delight in Reading Impact
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In partnership with:

Schools and Businesses

Thank you to each school and business that collects books and offers volunteer hours. Your contribution is invaluable.

Each year it takes thousands of gifted books and volunteer hours to make our book fairs possible. If you would like to hold a book collection or volunteer to help sort donated books or help out at a Delight Book Fair, then please get in contact.

To make it easier for you to run your collection, we’ve created a collection poster and collection leaflet which can be downloaded below or, if you’d prefer, sent to you as hard copies.

Download: Collection Poster / Collection Leaflet