Our Programmes


Delight programmes are designed specifically to overcome the barriers that children from disadvantaged backgrounds encounter. Imbued with delight our programmes broaden horizons, increase opportunities and strengthen relationships whilst being soundly rooted in developing key learning and life skills. 

Each programme has been developed with children, teachers, senior leaders and arts professionals, and all programmes are delivered in partnership with class teachers. This approach ensures the programmes offer excellent and relevant content – that works!

Delight in Art

Young artists create high quality artwork which is exhibited in a professional setting and celebrated by both the local and wider community.

Delight in Dance

Professional dancers lead an immersive journey through movement storytelling concluding in a unique dance performed by the children to their families.

Delight in Shakespeare

Creates a passion for Shakespeare at a young age through devising and developing unique performances.

Delight in the Woods

A magical storytelling adventure for ‘the best storytellers in the world’ – beginning in the woods the magic travels to the children’s very own school.

Delight in Reading

Develops a love of reading for pleasure through book ownership.

Delight at Home

Keeping vulnerable children learning, supported and connected to school during Covid-19 through Box of Delight and Bags of Delight – two specially created emergency response projects.