School Partnerships

The success of our programmes lies largely in the strong relationships we build with the primary schools and teachers we work with.

We develop our programmes in close partnership with schools to ensure that children leave primary education fully engaged with learning and with a belief in their own ability to succeed. It’s extremely important to us that teachers gain the skills and confidence to empower them on their own creative journeys and to create extraordinary opportunities for parents and carers to engage in the children’s education and celebrate their creative achievements.

Impact Measurement

Delight evidences the impact our programmes have on children, teachers, families and communities. We are passionate about empowering our partners through the gathering of evidence and strive to add to the national voice calling for excellent creative education for all.

Programme Resources

Each of our programmes come with thoroughly researched Programme Resources designed to help schools create the most enjoyable experience for both the children and the teachers.

Arts Award 

Arts Award is a nationally recognised arts accreditation, for which each child receives
a certificate from Trinity College. We work with classroom teachers to embed Arts Award into classroom learning and programme outcomes.

Find out more about Delight Arts Award

Curriculum Links

Delight works closely with teachers to ensure that our programmes make a huge difference in the amount of lesson time available to dedicate to high-quality cross-curriculum work.

The Delight in Macbeth programme has been one of my favourite parts of my teaching career. It’s been a great reminder of why I got into teaching.”

Class Teacher