Sponsors & Supporters

Delight in Shakespeare Thumbs Up

We believe that our work is vital, our approach is refreshing and our objectives are obtainable. But our work would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and supporters.

You are part of our story; inspiring minds, improving wellbeing, broadening horizons, increasing engagement and learning – these are your achievements as well as ours. So, to all the amazing trusts, foundations, corporate sponsors, volunteer groups and donating schools we’d like to say a massive Thank You!

On the lookout for a sponsorship or supporter opportunity?

We work hard to ensure we are a charitable organisation that delivers excellent quality programmes in line with the needs of our beneficiaries. Our programmes deliver on so many levels enriching the lives of children, teachers and families. What you are guaranteed to see from a Delight programme are lots of smiles.

Here are some of the ways we aspire to be a forward-thinking charity:

All of our programmes are run in partnership with our supported schools and high-quality arts organisations

We hold focus groups to ensure our work is aligned to the needs of children, schools and communities

We rigorously evaluate and monitor all of our programmes

We have processes and policies in place to ensure we operate within legal guidelines.