About Delight

Delight's Story

Delight is a leading arts-based learning charity, using the transformative power of the arts to bring about sustained change for children affected by disadvantage. Our vision is for every child to have equal opportunity to thrive during their school years and beyond.

Arts-based learning for all

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve had the privilege of making a positive impact on thousands of
children from disadvantaged backgrounds through our innovative arts-based learning programmes.

Every year, we engage with approximately 1,800 children from 28 primary schools, bringing them a diverse range of artistic experiences that ignite their imagination and open doors to new possibilities. Our programmes offer children exciting opportunities. Last academic year we worked with:


primary aged children

participated in our arts-based learning programmes


Parents and carers

shared their children’s accomplishments at exhibitions & performances


teaching professionals

benefitted from a five-month CPDL programme of support


professional creatives

artists, actors, dancers, photographers, designers, and filmmakers

Delight programmes offer

Unique Cultural Experiences

We believe in broadening horizons, which
is why we take children on art gallery visits
and bring professional theatre or dance performances directly to their schools. By immersing themselves in these cultural experiences, children gain a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Inspiring Encounters

Delight gives children the opportunity to meet and interact with professional artists, dancers, and actors. These encounters inspire and provide valuable insights into the world of arts and creativity.

Celebrated Achievements

We believe in celebrating the accomplishments of every child. By showcasing achievements in professional-quality exhibitions and performances, we build a sense of pride and aspiration, while sharing their accomplishments with their families and school communities.​

Weekly Creative Workshops

Through our engaging and interactive workshops, children can explore their
artistic talents, unlock their creativity and express themselves freely in a supportive environment.

Delight's Beginnings

Delight was established by Kathryn Mills in 2014, she recognised that her passion and dedication for the arts would have the most profound impact on children’s lives if working closely with senior leaders, teachers, and arts organisations that not only embody creative excellence but also share a genuine understanding and commitment to nurturing creativity in young children.

Earlier in Kathryn’s career as an actor and arts educator in London and the south of England, she witnessed the unfortunate reality that many disadvantaged children lacked access to transformative creative and cultural experiences. Delight was her response, an organisation that uses the arts as a catalyst for meaningful long term change.

Partnering with primary schools allows Delight to reach those children who need us most, including children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). These safe and familiar settings create an ideal environment for children to flourish.