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As we navigate the ongoing challenges of the post-pandemic financial crisis and the rise in living costs, the need for financial support has never been more crucial. With your support, we can continue our vital work with children who are facing increasingly difficult circumstances. Together, we can create tangible and positive change, uplifting the lives of children affected by disadvantage and building a brighter future.

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Create lasting change for a child by become a monthly donor.

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See the difference your donation could make to children, teachers and families, read our impact reports. It’s important you support what you care about. Whether it’s our overall mission, a specific programme, or a community close to your heart, we want to hear how you’d like us to use your donation. No matter the size, your contribution makes a meaningful difference. Join us in transforming lives today.

Other ways to support Delight

There are so many ways you can transform a child’s life: volunteering, corporate partnerships, personal challenges, fundraisers and legacy donations. We warmly welcome everyone who wishes to join us in creating lasting change for children affected by disadvantage. Together, we can make a profound impact.