Delight aims to reflect the communities that we support in the work that we create. Inclusivity for all children is at the heart of every programme we deliver.

We want to create a working environment that is safe and welcoming to everyone, that treats all people equally and with respect, and that is unafraid to change and develop in order to be more representative of our communities.

What are the arts?

Delight programmes include artists question & answer sessions so that children can ask lots of questions about the journey to becoming a professional actor, dancer or artist.

We have created an interactive presentation ‘What are the arts?’ which aims to breakdown preconceptions surrounding the arts and make them accessible to everyone. 

This is a free online resource available via Prezi.

Programme Content

The close ties we have with our arts partners and schools enables us to learn from those people who have direct experience at supporting children with a range of learning or physical needs. Through constant conversation and evaluation, we continue to develop and refine our programme content to ensure that every aspect of every programme is accessible to all the children.

Digital Access

Delight will evaluate the impact of out Signed Supported English films and look to include this access across all filmed resources. Our website will be open to everyone through the use of ReciteMe software which will allow individuals to customise the website in the way that works for their access needs.


Delight will work with a range of employment agencies and offer a variety of opportunities and contracts to be an open and inclusive employer. Our governing board will develop to offer opportunities for those currently underrepresented. We will support our arts partners in their journey to ensuring artists working in Delight partner schools are representative of the communities we work with.