Delight in Art

Delight in Watts is an arts-based learning programme run by Delight in partnership with Watts Gallery – Artists' Village, Paintbox and selected primary schools across Surrey. The programme strengthens children’s wellbeing, learning and life skills and encourages participation in visual arts – increasing creative confidence.

Whenever I look at my painting it makes me feel happy.

Participating Pupil

Delight in Watts engages Year 4 children in the enjoyment of learning about and creating art and allows teachers to execute the Art & Design National Curriculum in an engaging and comprehensive way, gaining new skills and confidence along the way.

The 6-week intensive programme starts with a visit to Watts Gallery and an on-site art workshop. This is followed by 3 full day art workshops per class with professional artists from Paintbox. Children develop skills and create their own mini masterpieces to show off at a final exhibition at Watts Gallery.

Delight in Watts gallery visit. © Delight / Alex Brenner

I like learning at school now I have done Delight in Watts.

Participating Pupil

Impact Measurement

At Delight we want to ensure that our programmes have lasting impact and positive outcomes. That’s why, through our Delight in Watts programme, each participating child earns the Discover level of the nationally certified Arts Award, formally recognising their creative achievements. Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities and resources ensure that teachers are engaged, supported in delivery, and gain skills to use in the future.

Delight in Watts is delivered in partnership with:


Paintbox is a Surrey-based arts organisation that creates enriching art projects for children. Paintbox is committed to an inclusive approach to art which promotes creativity and expression. The artists encourage children to explore new techniques and materials, to experiment with colour, pattern and texture, and to be original and brave in their ideas.

Watts Gallery – Artists' Village

Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village, situated in Compton, Surrey, delivers the Art for All vision of GF Watts and Mary Watts. George and Mary Watts both believed in the transformative potential of art.

At the heart of their work was the belief that art could transform lives, and they campaigned to widen access to art for people in society with the least access to it. The Art for All ethos continues to be at the heart of Watts Gallery – Artists' Village.