Rainforest Retreat to Bedroom Display

Ella’s Inspiring Rainforest Retreat Bedroom Display

We wanted to shine the spotlight on Ella – a passionate Year 4 pupil who found inspiration in our Rainforest Retreat programme. With the support of her family, Ella used the art activities learned during the programme to create a beautiful Rainforest Retreat bedroom display. Teaching her family how to complete the Rainforest art activities is a great example of how children can use their voice to share the environmental messages they care about.

“Inspired by Delight I created a rainforest in my bedroom. It is made up of lots of different art activities including dioramas, leaves, incredible insects, paper birds and window wonders.

Whenever a family member came round I ran an art club for them and we all did an art activity together. When my grandma and grandpa came over, we did dioramas. When my cousins came round we did incredible insects and window wonders! My mum and dad did leaves, window wonders, dioramas, incredible insects and birds!

I chose to do this because at school we did a project on the Amazon rainforest to try and show people how much we care about it. But as you might know, people are cutting down trees which is destroying animals’ homes and endangering them.”

Ella Feltham, Year 4 pupil

Ella and her family creating rainforest dioramas at a table with various art materials.

“Life is generally very busy, so when Ella arranged a Delight inspired ‘art club’ for us at the weekends (which she called ‘S-art-ur-days’!) it encouraged the whole family to make time to sit down, chat and relax while drawing and colouring in together.

Helping her with creating her rainforest, also gave some focus to visits from the wider family over a cold February half term!”

Fiona Feltham, Ella’s parent

Ella and her family creating rainforest dioramas at a table with various art materials.

Unleashing Creativity and More!

We believe that the arts are a vital part of every child’s education. It sparks creativity, hones problem-solving skills, and encourages artistic expression – but art doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. When art finds its way into our homes, families can continue learning together through the joy of creativity.

Art has an incredible power to nurture children’s creativity, allowing them to dive deep into their imagination, develop problem-solving skills and express themselves in ways that are uniquely their own. Art can become their voice and a means to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences, boosting confidence. When we embrace art at home, it becomes a wonderful way for families to engage in meaningful conversations. Beyond that, art becomes a gateway to learning, exposing children to diverse cultures, history, and the wonders of the world. By integrating art into our homes, we create an environment that fosters creativity, self-expression, connection, and well-rounded learning.

Ella’s story is a beautiful and inspiring journey, showcasing the transformative power of art and its ability to unite families. It also highlighted the significance of impactful learning experiences that leave a lasting impression. At Delight, we are passionate about our responsibility not only to educate children about environmental issues but also to empower them to find ways to engage and inform others about the causes they deeply care about.

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