Engaging families is an integral part of our work and one we have a track record of success with.

We know for a child to feel truly celebrated the praise of teachers and staff needs to be matched with that of parents, carers, grandparents, neighbours and other children’s parents.

The arts and our programmes have the power to bring communities together, build bridges and open doors, so we create pathways through our programmes that ensure large numbers of family members can engage.

Delight in Shakespeare

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what families say:

"Joseph has really enjoyed the last few weeks and has seemed happier in himself."

"Unbelievable what they have pulled off in such a short time, we even went to Stratford to learn more about Shakespeare as a direct result of this."

"It was real good for my children so we can get more books to read together – thank you."

"Leo was deeply moved by this experience and told me so much about it."